Children Allergies - New Information


This treatment involves the intradermal injection of very low doses of allergens with the use of an enzyme called Beta Glucuronidase. Depending on the patients problem there are treatments available for pollens, molds, dust mites, cat, dog, horse, foods, food additives and chemicals.

The intradermal injections are given initially every two months. Depending on the individual patient's response, treatment can be decreased to every three to four months. There have been no reported serious side effects. We have been very happy with patients who have used this treatment for a number of allergic conditions including nasal allergies, atopic dermatitis, asthma, allergic conjunctivitis and sinus headaches. Patients with more unusual allergy problems may respond to this therapy.

1. LDA-Immunotherapy with very low dose allergens 10 -15 up to 10 -6 given with an enzyme-Beta Glucuronidase.

2. Intradermal injections on inner forearm — with insulin .3 cc 30 gauge syringes.

3. Over 300 allergens mixed with Beta Glucuronidase .01 ml.

IC — .04 ml. Inhalent 10 -6 mixed pollens and molds, cat/dog/horse, house dust, dust mites, kapok, insect mix. (This is the strongest mixture.)

LX — .04 ml. LX-low dose-10 -15 mixed foods, food additives, pollens, molds, cat, dog, horse, kapok, insect mix.

MX — .04 ml. MX-10 -8 Stronger than LX

Chemical .04 ml. chemical 10 -14 Perfumes, formaldehyde, gasoline; contains no pesticides and herbicides.

4. Adult females do not use during pregnancy.

5. Frequency - every 2 months - then gradually decrease frequency after 4-8 doses; then decrease 2-4 times/year for 1 year.

6. Do not use alcohol to clean skin.

A. Hay Fever (seasonal allergies) 1-3 injections per year. Preference 3 months before season. Year two - 1 injection 3 weeks before season x 2-5 seasons.

B. Food Allergies - every 2-3 months 1st 12-18 months. Milk and wheat take longer. may take 3-6 doses to see effect.

C. Multiple allergies - should be able to stop after 16-18 injections - then 1-4 years between treatments. Children sooner.


LX - Low Dose Mix
Atopic Dermatitis
Severe Asthma
Severe Gastrointestinal problems
Beginning LDA with safest dosage

MX - Medium Dose Mix
Chronic Sinusitis
Chronic Rhinitis (Allergic)
Asthma - mild - moderate
Hay fever with IC (Inhalant)
When LX is not strong enough

IC - Inhalant - often need to add LX or MX
Allergic pollens, dust, danders
Seasonal hay fever
Mold allergy

Obviously chemical sensitivity
Eczema {with IC (Inhalant)}