Autism Spectrum Disorder - Additional Information

Many children with Autism respond best to the conventional educational recommendations that are made. It is important that each child with Autism be placed in the right classroom and receive proper services for speech therapy, occupational therapy and if necessary ABA and/or play therapy.

I have found that other medical interventions can be very helpful. Auditory Integration Training can be extremely helpful for a child with Autism and Auditory Processing Disorder. This is very common. Some of the methods available are Tomatis and Barard, home listening programs such as Samonas, Earobics The Listening Program, and computer based programs including Fast Forward and Interactive Metronome.

What type of Auditory Integration Training depends on the child? This needs to be individualized. At medical visits I recommend based on the history which approach is best for each child. If necessary, I will have the parents contact a specialist in this field to determine the best approach.

Sensory Integration Program is an excellent medical intervention usually available with an occupational therapist familiar with sensory integration approaches.

There are many other complimentary approaches that include vision therapy, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture that also help some children with Autism.