Autism Spectrum Disorder - Lab Work

I have found the Comprehensive Stool Analysis overall to be the most helpful test. If I had to pick one test to do on children with Autism it would be this one. This is true especially if a child has received an increased number of antibiotics, especially the first two to three years of life.

The other tests I have found helpful for the gut are the Organic Acid Test and Urinary Peptides for casein and gluten.

For heavy metal evaluation I have found the Hair Analysis by Doctors Data to be a good screen. If a child's history conforms with the abnormal metals that can be seen on a hair analysis, then that child may be a good candidate for chelation. The other metal test that I prefer is the Fecal Metal test. A number of physicians involved with DAN often recommend the DMSA urine toxic metal test which is good as a screen but I have found for following metal removal with chelation that this test does not help as much as the screening hair analysis and following fecal metals. The trace mineral test is also highly recommended. I have not found this test to be as helpful as expected.

Other tests to consider are the Metallothionein Profile from Great Plains Lab and the Immune Panel Profile at Immuno Science Lab recommended by Dr. McCandless.

If a child is chelating with DMSA followed by alpha lipoic acid; CBC, platelet, chemistries including liver and kidney function, should be done every three to four months.