Autism Spectrum Disorder - Medical Support

Defeat Autism Now has bi-annual meetings and offers two day seminars for parents and professionals across the United States on a frequent basis. The Defeat Autism Now program is excellent. The emphasis is on the biochemical individuality of children and addresses biochemical issues that often affect autistic children. This can include defects in nucleotide synthesis and how this can be affected by methylation, transulferation and glucuronidation.

Many of the therapeutic recommendations of Defeat Autism Now are based on biocmedical defects. As time goes on the Defeat Autism Now meetings continue to address these biomedical defects with subsequent therapies evolving that have helped and will continue to benefit many children who have been diagnosed with ASD.

At a Defeat Autism Now meeting in Portland, OR in October 2003 Dr. Jill James presented a paper addressing the protective effect of cysteine and glutathione for children who have been adversely impacted by Thimersosal induced neurotoxicity. Her study involved the use of folinic acid and TMG. Some have questioned the high dosage; however, a number of children who are now receiving TMG with folinic acid are benefiting. Dr. Andrew Wakefield believes that many children who have had leaky gut treated with probiotics, colostrum, antifungals, as well as various other supplements eventually will need an anti-inflammatory drug for colitis such as Pentasa, Dipentum, Calazol or Sulfasalazine.

Important research has been accomplished by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Dr. Wakefield is an outstanding research gastroenterologist who was besieged by frantic parents of children with Autism in England to do a study and probably to his dismay proved the diagnosis of Autistic Colitis. His biopsy studies revealed 53 of the 56 children biopsied showed positive Measle antibody. His work has been verified by two excellent gastroenterologists – Dr. Timothy Buie at Massachusetts General and Dr. Arthur Krigsman at Columbia University. Unfortunately, Dr. Wakefield has been brutally criticized by the medical establishment in England and the United States.

Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) was investigated by Dr. James Neubrander based on many children with Autism having a defect in Methylation.

Methyl B12 injections significantly benefit at least 30% of children. The usual improvements are awareness, attention, socialization, eye contact and speech.

I believe it is important for parents and physicians who are dealing with Autism both on a personal/professional basis to attend at least one Defeat Autism Now meeting annually to keep up with the progress that has occurred. Over the past 7 to 10 years there have been a number of interventions recommended at meetings including cod liver oil, IV Secretin, chelation, and Methylcobalamin, that often start out as "miracles or near miracles" and with time turn out to help approximately 20-30% of children. Personally, being an optimist by nature, if I can help 20-30% of autistic children with a new discovery whose benefits outweigh the risks, I am interested.