Autism Spectrum Disorder - Supplements

There are many supplements that should be considered,

  1. ProBiotics

  2. Digestive Enzymes - Enzymes containing DPP IV should be strongly considered. This would include the Houston Enzymes - HNZyme Prime/ Peptizyde and No Fenol or Kirkman Labs Enzyme Complete. Some children do become very hyperactive on these enzymes and need a milder digestive enzyme. This would include L-Glutamine, Similase or enzymes containing amylase, lipase and protease

  3. Nuthera or Super Nuthera have large dosages of B-6 or PSP and Magnesium. It has been my clinical experience that 20 to 25% of children have tremendous cognitive benefits from Nuthera. On the other hand there are 20-25% of children who become extremely hyperactive on this supplement. Often the child who has a significant leaky gut/yeast problem and/or significant sensory issues has difficulty tolerating Nuthera. It is still worth a try in many cases.

  4. Zinc can be an excellent intervention. Many children with Autism have a high Copper to Zinc ratio as documented by the Pfeifer Institute. Many children with Autism respond to therapeutic doses of Zinc. This typically is in the range of 10-30 mg.; however, some children require higher dosages.

  5. DMG plain or DMG with B-12 and Folic Acid or TMG plain or TMG with B-12 and Folinic Acid. The type of DMG or TMG to use again depends on the individual. Some children can be hyperactive on one and do well on another. This is an area that is well discussed at DAN meetings.

  6. Carnosine is a cognitive enhancer that can be helpful.

  7. Omega-3 Essential fatty acids include not only cod liver oil but Efalex, Nordic Naturals, CorOmega, Omega Brite, Flaxseed and Borage Oil and sometimes Omega-6 essential fatty acids

  8. Calcium

  9. Magnesium

  10. C

  11. E

  12. Selenium

  13. Biotin

  14. Epsom Salt Cream, MSM, NAC (NAcetyl Cysteine), Glucosamine and Glutathione for Sulfuration defects.

  15. For children thought to have Autism secondary to the Measles vaccine, Monalaurin or Lauricidin which is a foul tasting oral liquid is now available as a transdermal product at Coastal Compounding. The phone number is 912-354-5188.

  16. GABA - calming effect

  17. Grapefruit seed extract

  18. Inositol

  19. CoQ10

  20. Taurine

  21. Iron

  22. Alpha Keto Glutaric Acid

  23. DMAE

  24. Carnitine

  25. Choline

  26. Multiminerals

  27. Other Vitamin Formulas -
    • Spectrum Complete
    • EveryDay
    • Compounded Formulas
    • Brain Child Nutrients

  28. 5 HTP

  29. Yeast Aid