Dr. Layton - Patient Profiles

Periodically, we will feature a different patient of whom we are particularly proud. These stories indicate the wide variety of conditions that can be related to various forms of allergies.



He is four-years old and suffers from MSG allergies.

A nine-year old boy who was initially evaluated on November 10, 1997. His parents' chief concern focused on mood swings and a decreased attention span.

This case is an excellent example of how multiple treatment modalities (including the Feingold diet, immunotherapy and Ritalin) can effectively treat ADHD type behavior and sensory integration issues, such as phobias, sleep problems and hearing sensitivity.

A 13 year-old delightful young man who I initially evaluated on 4/6/00. His parents' primary concern was his diminished attention and focus in school and seasonal allergies.

Garrett (G.P.)
An 8 year-old who I initially evaluated at age two. His parents' concerns were runny nose, asthma, and facial rash. This child's biologic mother had a history of seasonal allergies and severe asthma.



A 47 year-old female who was initially seen by me in the fall of 1995 with a number of medical diagnoses including allergies, fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, headaches, recurrent infections, and a history of Lyme Disease.

A 29-year old female patient who was initially seen in April 1998 with the chief complaint of depression. During her childhood,she experienced hayfever, including itchy eyes, chronic nasal symptoms (especially in the spring) and fatigue. She also had dark circles under her eyes for her entire life.