Low Dose Allergen (LDA) – Case Histories – Children

  1. Autism a 15 year old whose first visit at age 3 took place in 1998. 15 months after receiving the MMR vaccine, behavior changed and in his parent's words "he was in his own world." What followed were tantrums, poor sleeping, and a loss of language.

    By age 4 allergies were markedly increased in the spring and fall and with allergies there were severe behavioral problems.

    The patient actually began treatment with EPD which resulted in decreased allergies and a definite improvement with behavior.

    EPD was given during 2000-2003. Since May 2004, I have been treating this patient with Inhalant mix and the Low Dose Food Mix (LX). Consistently, his allergies and behavior have been markedly improved on LDA (esp. in the spring and fall).

  2. a 6 year old who at 16 months of age experienced regression. By 20 months, he was non-verbal with almost no eye contact. There were a number of improvements with various biomedical interventions, including dietary restriction and supplementation.

    By the time I saw this child, he was age four. With so many improvements, he was left with allergies to food, inhalants, and chemicals, sleep disturbance, delayed gross motor, obsessive compulsive disorder, fatigue, and slow speech.

    After receiving LDA the first week, he did experience decreased sleep and some agitation, but he then began sleeping better, walking upstairs alternating feet for the first time in his life, definite improvement in energy, speech more fluent, more socially connected, and more affectionate.

    This is an example of a child whose sleep, socialization, energy level, spelling, gross motor, and sleeping improved with LDA therapy.

  3. a 10 year old who I had first seen at age 6. This child was diagnosed with Autism (non-verbal) and also had decreased eye contact and socialization. Nasal and eye allergies were increased in the spring and fall. With increased allergies, this child was more active with decreased attention.

    Since the first visit at age 6, this child has received LDA every 2 months and consistently has had improvement in his spring/fall allergies. By week 7, head-banging, inappropriate laughing, crying, sneezing, and pushing on his fingers occurs.

    This patient's example of LDA shows rapid improvement in helping allergies and behavior and lasting approximately 7 weeks of the 8 week treatment.

  4. an 11-1/2 year old with a very complicated medical history including not only Autism, but also Down Syndrome, Celiac Disease, allergies, Hypothyroidism, recurrent Sinusitis/Otitis Media, and fatigue.

    His first visit was at 9-1/2 (July, 2007). At that time he said 5 words, poor eye contact since 3-1/2, decreased social play, poor sleeping habits (secondary to severe abdominal pain) and fatigue.

    This child had allergies his entire life, year around, but definitely worse during the spring/fall.

    With his first LDA, his speech went from 5 words to 20-50 words, gastrointestinal, social, attention, and sleeping all improved.

    After 11 treatments, this child showed terrific gains. His occasional infections were markedly decreased. Speech is much better and now he talks a lot. Articulation is improved; also good eye contact, and better social skills. Socialization is good with peers. Sleeping, attention, energy, and GI and recurrent infections are all improved.