Sublingual Immunotherapy

After allergy testing is completed for the suspected allergen, sublingual immunotherapy is the treatment utilized to treat the allergic problem.

Sublingual Immunotherapy is a variant of homeopathy that treats the cause of an allergy, not just the symptoms. Several drops of a diluted allergen, based on the patient's allergy response, are placed under the tongue of the patient to block an allergic reaction to that particular substance.

Sublingual immunotherapy is available for environmental allergens including pollens, mold, and dust mites as well as foods and chemicals.

In reference to the effectiveness of sublingual immunotherapy for allergy sufferers, in an article published by John Hopkins Medicine, Hopkins states that their "findings are clear evidence that sublingual immunotherapy in the form of allergy drops are an effective potential treatment option for millions of Americans suffering from allergic asthma and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis" (senior study investigator Sandra Lin, M.D.) to read further, go to:

I have been providing sublingual immunotherapy since 1987 and have an excellent understanding of how effective this treatment can be.

Sublingual (under the tongue) over the past 10 years has been accepted by mainstream medicine as a very effective approach for treating allergic problems.

Sublingual immunotherapy vials are sent out directly to the patient's home monthly and each patientís allergic issues are treated on an individual basis.

In recent years, sublingual immunotherapy as well as the allergy testing utilized is being covered in the majority of instances by insurance companies.